Garage Door Electronic Operators

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Garador Electronic Operators

The electronic operators provided by Garador come in three variants all of which are reliable, safe and maintenance-free.

The GaraMatic 9 (peak force 750 N) has fast opening, with a maximum speed of 14cm per second. It includes automatic locking to prevent forced entry, soft start and soft stop and is equipped with status query technology to indicate whether your garage door is open or closed.

The GaraMatic 20 (peak force 1000 N) and the GaraMatic 10 (peak force 800 N) includes much of the technology of the GaraMatic 9, but adds use of secure bi-directional radio technology, meaning no one can copy your signal. They are 50% faster than other operators witha maximum opening speed of 22cm a second and has automatic safety reversal. They also feature a self closing timer option (light beam device required) and has bisecur technology, that provides a more reliable signal that can be used over longer distances.

The combination of Garador garage doors with GaraMatic operators complies with the latest European safety standards.

Electronic Operators - Garador GaraMatic 9

GaraMatic 9

Electronic Operators - Garador GaraMatic 10

GaraMatic 10

Electronic Operators - Garador GaraMatic 20

GaraMatic 20

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